Oct. 4, 2021

Cheryl Miles: Possessed By Pearl

Cheryl Miles: Possessed By Pearl

As a young girl, Cheryl played with the "rays of light" that would stream into her bedroom. And 35 years later, those same rays returned to rescue her from a life of drugs, prostitution, and demonic possession. This is the story of how God saved her life.

What is impossible with man is possible with GOD. Luke 18:27


Sunny Gault  0:04  
Everybody has a story to tell. A time in your life where something unusual happens. Something that cannot be explained. And it changes your life completely. The world seems different. You see the battle between light and darkness. And you realize life isn't as random as you thought. That there's someone out there. Always beside you, constantly cheering you on. He is everywhere. He is everything. He is the great I am... and we call him God of Miracles. I am Sunny... and this is one of His stories.

Cheryl Miles  1:05  
Trouble in my way... trouble in my way. I have to cry some time. I have to cry sometime. Trouble in my way. Trouble in my way... I have to cry sometime...

Sunny Gault  1:24  
This soulful voice belongs to Cheryl Miles. I met Cheryl in February 2020 in an Uber in Houston, Texas. It was her birthday and we instantly connected.

Cheryl Miles  1:38  
Stepped in the furnace ... A long time ago. Shadrach and Meshach, and Abednego...

Sunny Gault  2:00  
When Cheryl says she's been through the fire, she means it. At an early age, Cheryl trusted the wrong people. She was heavily into drugs, prostitution, and went to prison several times.

Cheryl Miles  2:17  
It's to a certain point where you know you talk to God in your situation. You have a breaking point, you know, you have a breaking point. I think every man has rock bottom. I know I did. I hit a rock bottom. But that rock bottom, it paid off because here I am today. Hey, people going to talk about me they're gonna say I'm crazy this that. I don't worry about what people say. I know people need to hear this. I'm alive today and only by mercy and grace, because demons.... they are real and they were in me. Anything they ordered me to do. That was I was separated from the light of Christ. I was in darkness.

Sunny Gault  3:02  
Cheryl's story starts in Vicksburg, Mississippi. She lived there with her mom and dad. Her parents had five children. And Cheryl was smack dab in the middle.

Cheryl Miles  3:13  
I have to say that we weren't rich. We lived in a small country down. And I never will forget the teachings of my mother. The main thing she told me was in all things put God first. We went to church Sunday. Monday was prayer meeting. Tuesday was choir rehearsal. Wednesday was Bible study. And we had to go to everything that church had. I'm so spiritually inclined the way that I am is because I knew God at a young age.

Sunny Gault  3:46  
Tragedy struck Cheryl's family when she was only three years old. She didn't know what was happening at the time. But later she was told that her father pulled out a gun and shot her mother five times. Her mother survived, but the family was in shambles.

Cheryl Miles  4:07  
My aunt and my uncle, they practically raised me until I was about 12 years old. I didn't really understand what happened with my mother. All I know is that I was separated from my sisters and my brothers, you know, and I was the only child with my aunt and uncle. I can still remember the address. 1718 Opalwood Drive. I can remember it like it was yesterday. And I had my own bedroom with two twin beds in there. But one day, I was in that room. And it was just a huge light came in the room with me. That's what it was. And it spoke to me. It spoke to me at a young age, you know, like, it didn't tell me its name. It didn't tell me stuff like that. It played with me. It made me laugh. You know, just as demons are real, angels are real, too. And I think it was something special in that room with me. And it spoke to me and it told me that it would, it would stay with me. That force became my, my best friend.

Sunny Gault  5:16  
When Cheryl was nearly 12 years old, she went back home to live with her mother, who was now married to her stepfather, Ernest. Technically, the family was back together again, including her siblings. But something still felt off for Cheryl.

Cheryl Miles  5:34  
We were reunited. And I was so happy. I was so happy but there was something missing between my mother and I that... and I had to learn to talk to my mom because, you know, I hadn't I had never been around her to talk to her. So I didn't know how to go to her my personal things like you know, female things and stuff like that, wanting to have boyfriend, all that stuff that I never went to my mom for any of that. I think that I was about 14 years old when I started to kinda grow up or something you know, I had my first boyfriend. I went against everything my mama told me and I ended up pregnant. I was 17 and in the 11th grade. When you got pregnant in those days, they put you out of school, so I was dismissed from school. And I was so ashamed because it was my graduation year. That took a big toll on me too in my life.

Sunny Gault  6:29  
Not feeling comfortable at home. Cheryl ended up back at her aunt and uncle's home to finish her pregnancy. Cheryl gave birth to her daughter, Andrea, a month before her 18th birthday. She and her daughter stayed in Vicksburg a couple more years. But eventually Cheryl had an itch to go somewhere else. The Big Easy.

Cheryl Miles  6:55  
I love everything about New Orleans. At that time they had the World Fair going on and a lot of my schoolmates were going to New Orleans to work in the World Fair, and I got a job real fast there. Blew my mind.

Sunny Gault  7:13  
Cheryl got a job at the Hilton Hotel. That's where she met Travis Madden. Although that wasn't his real name.

Cheryl Miles  7:22  
I think that was the first demonic spirit to enter my life. I was still that loving, sweet living by faith girl. I knew nothing about smoking weed, and I knew nothing about heroin. I knew nothing about cocaine, I knew nothing about drugs. All I knew was to go to work and make some money and pay the bills and you know and buy food, you know. And try to you know, keep my head above water just to survive. That's it you know. I didn't know nothing about hustling. He was... that man was abusive to me.

Sunny Gault  8:01  
The next part of Cheryl's story may be tough to hear. But it explains how abusive and dangerous the situation with Travis had become.

Cheryl Miles  8:12  
He went out one night, I was at the house with my little girl. I felt like I wanted to get out. You know what I mean? I didn't feel like I had to ask him could I go anywhere, something like that, you know. So I went out, I got one of my neighbors to I paid her to babysit my baby. She was a Christian girl. And she lived next door to the house I was living in and I went out. I had a great time. I just I really didn't know where I was going because New Orleans was still kind of new to me. But you know, of course New Orleans have bars on every corner. Churches on the next corner you know how they do. I just went from bar to bar, just, you know, just dropping in and dancing a while, you know, and stuff like that, you know. I was going to pick my daughter up, but I spot him. I could just look at him and tell that this wasn't gonna be nothing good. So I started running. And he ran behind me and he caught me. When I tell you this boy beat me. Oh my god, kick me, beat me to the ground and start kicking me and all that, you know, and then told me go get your daughter, you know, I was afraid. I was afraid. I just bit my tongue. You know, and he went in my purse and stuff and the money that I had he took it. I didn't want to say the wrong things because I won't get beat up any worse than what it was. But I ended up going to work with a black eye. It was just crazy. You know, he would just like it was like he was angry all the time. I was tired. I was tired and I want him to go I want him just to leave me alone. You know, I'm saying. I never hurt anyone in my life. But him I was ready to hurt him because he had beat me to that point. I retaliated. You know, he was beating me in front of my cousins. My cousins they were just stop him but he pushed me on a couch. And when I land on the couch, those pillows popped up and they had a ice pick in the crest of the couch. I was angry, I was out of mine. And the fight was going on, and I just grabbed it. And when I grabbed it, I just started stabbing him, just start stabbing him, you know, at this point, he sees, okay, she fightin me, she's gonna kill me if I don't get away from her. Well, he was arrested that day. This guy had drugs on him, and he has syringes. So he was a drug addict. But I didn't know I didn't know about it. He was a junkee.

Sunny Gault  10:41  
Cheryl was now 22 years old. She was no stranger to hardship. Remember, her mother was shot. When Cheryl was just a child. She got pregnant and had her own baby at 17. And she became the victim of a severe case of domestic violence. Things were already getting dark. And then Cheryl met twin sisters, Sharelle and Chantal Thompson.

Cheryl Miles  11:07  
That's when it all started happening. Because Sharelle and her sister Chantal, they were street women, you know, because I watch them with different men. I never questioned them. Hey, what did you do? I didn't question them. I became a hustler. I went out, I slept with different guys and stuff like that. Some of them gave me money. Some of them I slept with them just because I liked them, you know.

Sunny Gault  11:34  
Cheryl's life was spiraling out of control. She had two more children, a boy and a girl. While she was working the streets. The boy's father paid their bills and helped care for the kids while Cheryl was out hustling.

Cheryl Miles  11:50  
I don't even know at what point I lost control my own way of making decisions in my life. I started making a lot of bad decisions, you know?  My quote unquote, friend, Sharon McKinley. I used to go to her talk to her because I couldn't talk to Chantal and Sharelle because they were always busy. Just one particular day, you know, I was like, crying, going through things or whatever. I just was venting. And she took the pipe and a lighter, she just put him in my mouth and she said I'm tired of you being depressed. She said, hit it, hit it like you hit a joint or something. So I did. And when I did that... Tears dried up. I didn't feel nothing. You know what I'm saying? No sorrows, no hurt. And I wanted to stay like that.

Sunny Gault  12:50  
And she did. Cheryl numbed the pain through sex and drugs. There's a span of about 10 years, that even to this day, is a bit of a blur to her. Eventually, she lost her kids.

Cheryl Miles  13:07  
I was a junkie. I was doping and I couldn't take care of my kids. I often say... Oh, they didn't have to take my kids. But they went into my home. I wasn't there. And everything was nice in my home. But I didn't have food in my house. So they call that neglect. The state stepped in and they had my kids removed from me. I had a house but my kids weren't there. I kinda really lost it. And after that, I started smoking more. Started drinking more. On the street more. I started standing on corners. I was on the corners with high heels, short skirts and stuff like that.. Selling my, selling my body and then I was also you know, running a lot of game. I was robbing people, whatever it took for me to get some money. I was taking wallets, taking pistols, started selling guns and oh my god, you name it. I was doing it. If it's illegal, I was doing it.

Sunny Gault  14:15  
Cheryl was practically unrecognizable at this point. The young girl from Vicksburg Mississippi, who grew up singing in the church, who was so full of faith... seem to be gone. Replaced by something very dark. Her name was Pearl.

Cheryl Miles  14:42  
Pearl encountered me...I think the first day that I smoked crack. I think that was the door that was open and Pearl walked in and she grew inside of me. She took over, her thinking took over. That wasn't me you know, I but I couldn't stop her. I couldn't stop her. Whenever I came down enough to feel anything that's when it would be like Cheryl you know transforming back to Cheryl. Cheryl felt sorrowful for the things that she had done, but when I smoke a piece of crack, Pearl take flight. Pearl would take me in dangerous situations in places that I could get killed and stuff like that, places Cheryl wouldn't normally go. Cheryl. Ah no ma'am. I'm not going there. I'm not fixing to do that. Oh, no, you know?  But Pearl was like, let's get it let's do it. You know, let's let's do this, you know? She was invincible inside of me when she came out, she was invincible.

Cheryl Miles  16:06  
I chose to name her Pearl. A pearl is a beautiful gem. Okay, but it lives inside of an oyster to destroy the oyster. When the pearl is plucked out, it becomes a beautiful gem. And the oyster has to fight with that pearl inside of the shell. This describes this demon, Pearl. This monster that devours me. I named that demon, Pearl. She wanted to kill, I had to fight, I had to fight. At first, I didn't know how to fight her. Every time I went to prison, I did more and more time. There wasn't anything that... any way that Pearl could destroy me in jail.

Cheryl Miles  16:58  
It was God's way to my life saved me. I feel like that. And I know because like a lot of the girls that I was out there with, we were doing some of the same things. Every last one of those girls got killed. They're never going to go back to the children. I always had hoped to be with my children. I can remember... early in the morning, like you know school times, I knew when my kids went to school, and I used to be outside the school gate watching them. You know, I really wanted a normal life with my kids and I wanted it back again. I just said to myself one day I'm gonna have my kids back again. My life is gonna be back again. I just kept that hope you know. I had just gotten out of out of prison from doing 30 months. And I was on the street. And I don't even think I lasted three days on the street before I went back to jail. I could have done a lot of other things while back doing you know, they got stuff going on in jail. But I chose to you know, to pray and I chose to go to church and I chose to have the evangelists pray over me, and I became a jailhouse choir director. A lot of good things were happening. When I got out of jail February 24, 2003... at one point I was under the bridge with everybody else you know the homeless people we hustle you know, it's like a real world under the bridge. At this point right here I was tired of being on the street. Around four o'clock in the morning I guess you know, I woke up and everything was quiet. And I was just looking around and I had been talking to God at that time too. I just said I dont want this no more. I don't want to do this no more. I'm tired and I just want a real life. You know, I heard the voice you know that like the light that I told you that was in the room with me when I was a little girl. I saw that light again under the bridge. I saw that light, you know? And I started giving away everything I had you know, the only thing I had left was just my little backpack but all my personal stuff in it, you know, but everything else I had I gave it away. I gave away my drugs and the smoke tools... I gave away everything. I didn't want to do it anymore. And I just heard a voice say "leave", it say "leave". Because you know, they were laughing at me. They were saying what "Why are you giving your stuff away?" Because I don't want to do this no more. I do want to do it. I don't. I'm tired, and they were laughing at me. You'll be back. And by the time I made it from under bridge walking through the trail, the sun was shining. And it was shining so bright I couldn't even see. I couldn't even see. I was just... I didn't know if I was going, or if I was coming. All I know is that something gotta happen. Something gotta happen right now. And when I crossed the street to the next block, they had a Metro bus stop right there. It was like the bus was sitting there waiting for me. It was like it was waiting for me. And I rode... I just rode, I just rode......

Sunny Gault  20:39  
The bus' final stop was at a hospital. Cheryl got off the bus, walked into the hospital, and asked for help. That was the start of Cheryl's recovery. It didn't happen overnight, more mistakes were made. But I can tell you firsthand that the person who went through hell on the streets of New Orleans was not the person I met in an Uber in Houston, Texas. Despite the spiritual battle she's been through and continues to fight. Cheryl has a beautiful soul. Because she's found the truth, and it changed her life. I'm happy to tell you that Cheryl's children are back in her life again. She even has grandchildren. And Cheryl found true love. His name is Thomas. They host an online Bible study together, and they absolutely adore each other. Cheryl has written two books so far, detailing her struggles, hoping to share the truth with others. You see, you never know who's going to cross your path. Had Cheryl and I not met and that Uber... we probably wouldn't have met at all. It just so happened that I was creating a podcast about miracles. And Cheryl had an amazing story to share. Was a coincidence? I don't believe in coincidence. I believe in the God of Miracles.

Cheryl Miles  22:38  
Trouble in my way... trouble in my way. I have to cry some time.. I have to cry some time. Trouble in my way... trouble in my way. I have to cry some time. That's alright, that's alright. I know that Jesus... he will fix. My my my Jesus. He will fix. After awhile. I stepped in the furnace ... stepped in the furnace. A long time ago, long time ago. Shadrach and Meshach, and Abednego...