Hi, my name is Sunny, the producer behind God of Miracles.

I want to tell you a little bit about why this podcast is so important to me. And why I think God's gonna do amazing things with it.

My background is in journalism. And for a long time, I've wanted to work on a podcast that really allows me to do some great storytelling, something where I could interview people about their experiences, write the narrative around it, and use amazing music and sound effects to really bring the content to life. But what would I talk about? What stories would I share?

And then one day, as I was preparing to go to a podcasting conference specifically for Christians, God spoke to me. Actually, he gave me a warning. He told me to beware because the enemy was strategically using True Crime podcasts as a portal for demonic activity. He said people all over the world were plugging into this popular podcasting genre. And even though that seems really innocent, the enemy was using it against them, using our interest in drama, suspense and good storytelling, and infusing our minds with sin. The sin of the actual crime, the cover-up the lies, the deceit, everything that a good True Crime podcast has. And these words would have a profound impact on anyone listening, but also to the people around them. Because what we consume changes our mindset. It can influence us for good or for bad.

But there's no way God is going to let the enemy get away with that.

It's time to hear God's stories, which bring life, not death. Redemption, not persecution. Faith, not frustration, and bitterness. And that's what God of Miracles is all about. These are true stories of the power of the one and only God who triumphs over evil. The one who conquered death never gives up on us, no matter how desperate our situations may seem.

In a world that appears to be getting darker and darker each day, it's easy to feel like hope is lost. But then something unexpected happens. That's when the light overpowers the darkness. And we discover that God is a lot closer than we think.